RETROSUPERFUTURE and Calcetto Eleganza (which translates as Football Elegance) are blurring the distance between the Circonvallazione of Milan and The Mediterranean Sea with a special kit that is being exclusively presented at “The Island Football Tournament”, happening July 25 during the Ortigia Sound System festival.

“RETROSUPERFUTURE is renewing its communication throughout its platforms and has seized the occasion of Calcetto Eleganza at Ortigia Sound System — a festival with which it is already partnering — to play with an exclusive football jersey that contaminates the iconic total black Calcetto Eleganza’s kit with the elements of its own renewed branding: the new RETROSUPERFUTURE naming, purple-black colours and RSF logo.” — says Andrea Codurri, Head of Marketing of RETROSUPERFUTURE.

The relationship between football and fashion is now at its peak, but with this partnership Calcetto Eleganza wants to wipe out any distinction between the two: a kit meant to incorporate both lifestyle and performance in an all-encompassing way.

“This fashion of sporting a football jersey outside the pitch is something that we’ve embraced since its very beginning, yet what we see now it’s a swerve towards a sterile drift and something more prone to a fake pose. We like the idea that those who wear this jersey are able to affirm their skills in the field with credibility and elegance with the same ease with which they browse a magazine, sip a drink or enjoy a music festival. We’re stoked to collaborate with a brand like RETROSUPERFUTURE as it has been able to interpret this idea in a fresh, contemporary way.” — says Calcetto Eleganza.

“The Island Football Tournament” is scheduled for Thursday, July 25 — 6PM at Lido OSS, Marina di Ortigia, Sicily. A battle between Calcetto Eleganza (Milan), Le Ballon FC (Paris), Guerrilla FC (Washington DC) and OSS FC — the team of the Festival.

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