Nike have created a new boot for Neymar as the PSG striker receives his first signature Mercurial design of the 2019/20 season. Dropping under the title ‘Speed Freak’ the boots have been personalised for the Brazilian.

Taking on a Mercurial meets racing kinda look, the Vapor 13 NJR ‘Speed Freak’ doesn’t follow the same template of the standard Vapor 13 design, removing the customary ‘Just Do It’ and ‘Merc’ branding to expose a blank canvas which the brand have used to include numerous Neymar-related symbols linking back to his previous nine signature Mercurial Vapors. This being his tenth, of course.

Neymar is a real divisive figure and these boots are very much the same. Personally we’re not really a fan of the boot, but hey, there will be plenty of people heading out to buy these for sure.