Liverpool FC have collaborated with Levi’s to launch this understated and fresh limited edition range which includes a range of tees, shirts, hoodies, jackets and Levi’s famous jeans.

Following on from the announcement that Levi’s would be the official denim partner (because every football club needs an official denim partner) for Liverpool FC last year, Liverpool and Levi’s have followed up with their 2019 range, which it must be said we are big fans of. It feels very understated and something you could actually wear if you wasn’t a football, as opposed to something you’d only wear on the terraces.

The new range is said to have picked up that share heritage of both brands and its “commitment to community”. Continuing on from the classic designs that were released back in 2018, Levi’s infamous ‘batwing’ logo has been given a new make-over including the use of the famous and iconic ‘YNWA’ acronym and the tagline ‘Red: It’s In Our Fabric’.

If you’re keen for these, we suggest you be quick – Check out the full range on the Liverpool website – HERE