Kit and Bone have created their ‘Unofficial Replica’ series, putting their unmistakable style onto these Umbro football shirts.

In case you don’t know much about Kit and Bone, they are a football art and fashion brand that takes an offbeat look at football shirt culture, replaying classic kits in their unmistakable style. 

Aptly named ‘Unofficial Replica’ the series salutes the random counterfeit shirts that we would all see our mates come home from their holidays with back when we were kids. You know the one, like the kid that turns up with the 2005 David Beckham Real Madrid top with “Semens” splashed across the front rather than “Siemens”.

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Shirts which even though you knew they weren’t quite right (and reminding them for weeks about it), somehow made them more intriguing. Creating something different from something so familiar.

Kit and Bone typically take football shirts and turn them into cartoons, but this time they have reversed their process, taking shirts from cartoon to a reality. Their cartoons too are well worth checking out.

You can see more of the shirts on their Instagram (@kitandbone) or on their website