Kappa keep bringing the fire as they launch yet another stunning set of designs, this time for the Brazilian outfit Botafogo. Football shirt aficionados will no doubt be familiar with what Kappa have released over the summer for a number of European clubs including their latest one with Leeds but this is their first release in South America ahead of the 2020 campaigns.

The kits are released immediately, meaning they will be worn for the remainder of the 2019 Brasileirao season as they head into the next campaign, becoming the kit range for 2020. We really think the kits are stylish and their minimalistic look works well with their retro club crest. The club crest itself does feel a bit like the crest you would see on some shirts you would win down the local Power League.

As is now becoming the norm for kit launches, Botofogo enlisted the help local influential talent for the launch, calling upon MC G15, Rapper SOS, UFC fighter Thiago Marietta, and DJ Pelé, who all feature in the launch video.

The home shirt is the black and white stripes, while the away kit is all white with a smart ‘Botafogo’ graphic imprinted to add a different dynamic to the shirt. Both the home and away shirts feature that beautiful retro Kappa motif running down the sides for an envious look. Our favourite though has to be the turquoise coloured shirt, which we understand to be the Keepers shirt. Feels like the Inter Milan shirt only more retro if that is even possible.

We just hope that this shirt is not ruined by sponsors on every part of the shirt, which certain South American clubs have been known to do in the past.