Guerrilla FC have created these new football shirts in collaboration with Heal the Hood – a South African organisation working with underprivileged youth in Cape Town’s Cape Flats neighbourhood.

Guerrilla FC are a football club and creative studio based in the US out of DC and San Francisco and have grown into a football network and creative community that has a great track record and are one of the leading groups when it comes to driving soccer culture in the US.

For this particular kit, Guerrilla FC reached out to Emile YX? – one of South Africa’s hip hop pioneers, who is now also an author, academic, and teacher. Many years ago, Emile founded Heal the Hood – a South African organization working with underprivileged youth in Cape Town’s Cape Flats neighborhood. There, they teach youth about civil engagement and democracy, largely through the art of breakdance and hip hop culture. 

The initial aims that Guerrilla set out to achieve on this project were to:

1. Give a platform to marginalized voices in the football community

2. Show the culture, personality, and some of the work of members of our community.

Building out of the decades of work and relationships established through Nomadic Wax, a record label (founded by Ben Herson) that focuses primarily on political hip-hop from the African continent, the aim for the kit was to shed light and raise funds and awareness around community-based organizations on the continent doing remarkable in the face of major resource challenges. 

The Heal the Hood crew, including Emile, his brother Tanswell, and Shaquile, and Renaud ran riot on the conceptualisation phase. The designs were intricate yet expressive and here at KAISER Football we love what the team have managed to create.

Guerrilla FC funded this collaboration with all profits from sales going to Heal the Hood to continue their important work in the Cape Flats. We tip our hats to Guerrilla FC, who are not profiting from this collaboration. 

Guerrilla FC is driving forward the soccer culture in the US and wants the world to be a reflection of themselves – multinational, diverse, positive, and with a set of ethics that isn’t solely driven by a bottom line. I know people say that football is all about money nowadays, but here is an example that football can still bring people together and do great things for great people. Bravo Guerrillas