The Curva is the new online football community celebrating the best of the beautiful game. As our website and social media presence grows we will be cultivating an online football community of analysis, features and thought provoking pieces to tie in with our latest fashion and culture articles.

The Curva is looking for well produced and entertaining content about the beautiful game that is different in its approach. We are looking articles that are insightful, introduce new ideas and advance conversation and engagement around football globally. Our process for publication on our site is selective, and all aspects of the submissions are subject to review and editing. We are typically looking for articles that are typically 1,000 words or less, although we would not instantly disregard articles that are longer.

Because we are a new publication, we do not pay for web-based contributed pieces currently, but if we feel that the article is engaging to read and entertain and is informative to our readership, we will promote them regardless of the subject. We are looking for aspiring journalists and content producers to join us on our journey and as our profile and social media presence grows we want to pay our contributors fairly.

The Curva request that articles contributed are exclusive to our website and that we are able to exclusively distribute to our social media channels for at least 48 hours, after which it can be distributed to other sites and media channels, with a reference link back to the original post on The Curva. Please send either content ideas or completed content to We aim to respond to all submissions within five working days.