Here is the adidas Predator ‘Archive Mutator’ and it arrives as a special edition launch that dissects the Predators of old and meshes them into a unique eccentric boot as adidas celebrate the iconic boot’s illustrious past.

There’s a whole lot going on in these boots, and we know it is going to divide opinions but we kinda like them.

The project came about when adidas asked @thepredcollective and @thepredatorpro to run surveys on their social medias to find out which Predators people would want to include on this limited edition mash up. The response as you can imagine was unbelievable, and everybody has their own favourite version of the Predator so it was never to be unanimous, hence why there is so much going on across both boots.

With every series and every colourway from 2004 onwards open to discussion, adidas have sliced up a number of their most memorable designs for the most unique Predator boot ever. It would have been great if adidas had have gone back further and perhaps included the Predator Accelerators, Mania or Precision feature but still, you can’t have it all.

What we’re looking at here is a boot that uses a new rubber element to provide that trademark Predator touch, spin and power. The boots also feature a new Primeknit collar also features, along with split tooling. The attention to detail on both the left and right boot is fantastic with each boot having different and unique features. It would be interesting to see how the stitching would last over a season if you were to wear the boots regularly…

The boots are now available at Pro Direct Soccer, but with just 2,000 pairs being released globally, you need to be quick.