Many claim that the 90s was one of the greatest decades of English football. We had Football Italia, Fifa with INDOOR MODE, the birth of the Premier League and some amazing and creative football kits. The shirt sponsors were usually local businesses rather than betting companies that nobody has ever heard of, and dare we say it but transfer fees and salaries all felt a bit more sensible.

VAR was not even a consideration and the most technologically advanced part of the game was a pair of Adidas Predators. And what about the larger-than-life characters? None of this media-savvy ‘ambassador of the game’ malarkey. We had Gazza, Cantona, Ravanelli, Ian Wright, the Liverpool Spice Boys… 

If you ran around with one arm aloft like Shearer, your collar up like Cantona, a shirt full of Vicks Vaporub in mid-April like Vieira or a sticky plaster across your nose pretending to be Robbie Fowler then this is for you; an entire pack of playing cards featuring 52 graphic interpretations of some of the most iconic football shirts of the 90s. Perfect for away days, stag weekends or poker nights with your mates.

The deck features 52 shirts from 25 teams – classic kits of Premier League stalwarts to stomach-churning shirts of one season no-hopers. Oh, and two Jokers (featuring 90s referee shirts…). The Aces are 4 classic goalkeeper shirts including Nigel Spink’s 1993 Villa shirt and Pavel Srnicek’s 1995 Newcastle top.

Football Kit Cards are on Kickstarter so go check them out, but be quick as the Kickstarter closes at 18:00 GMT on Sunday 28 July! –